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Dough-It-Your-Way Cookie Boxx

Dough-It-Your-Way Cookie Boxx

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We believe that every occasion deserves a touch of sweetness, which is why we've introduced the 'Dough-It-Your-Way Cookie Box.' It's your canvas to craft the perfect cookie experience for you, your way.

No matter the occasion – a birthday bash, a family gathering, or just a delightful treat – our custom cookie box is the ultimate companion for your celebration. The power to choose any combination of our delicious flavors is in your hands. Not only do you choose the flavors, but you also decide the quantity. Pick as many or as few as you desire (minimum 6). Whether you crave the rich chocolatey crunch of Oreo Chocolate Chip, the colorful joy of Birthday Cake, or the gooey goodness of S'mores, it's all up to you. Mix and match OR stick with your all-time favorite – there are no rules, just pure delight. 

It’s that easy! Select or unselect the flavours, pick a number for each flavour you want, and await to unbox happiness.

* All products are nut, milk and egg free

** All products contain soy and wheat 

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